“Thought-provoking” “Riveting” and “An Important Work” – Chicago Dance Reviews Deems

November’s Bridge Dance Festival a Show Worth Getting Out For
Chicago-Illinois—As the weather gets colder and social distancing continues, the reviewers at Chicago Dance Reviews understand how important it is to choose shows worth attending—and that is why they are proud to recommend Bridge Dance Festival, happening at Links Hall on November 13th.

In this unique dance presentation, Asian Improv aRts Midwest and Links Halls team up to present a work meant to represent the individual as a “fluid dynamic state of being.” Dancers of Asian heritage will perform in this free must-see performance representing increasing woke culture that challenges traditional identities that are constrained by gender and other characteristics that box us in as individuals.

“The show focuses on portraying the individual as a state that is ever-changing and adapting based on experiences,” said the reviewer from Chicago Dance Reviews. “The creators have used dance as a way to examine the state of human identity as always being fluid, rather than male, female, or some other ‘marker’ that would imply a strict black and white interpretation of identity. The curator, Fujima Yoshinojo did a beautiful job putting this together and attendees are going to love the elegance and exuberance of the talented Asian dancers he has brought together to create this enriching work of art.”

The festival’s creator, Fujima Yoshinojo classifies herself as an inter-disciplinary performance artist. She is a Japanese dancer and choreographer and started working professionally in 2006. Her presentation of Bridge Dance Festival portrays the interpretation of the human condition as “the dance.” The “Bridge” is meant to represent the individual and Chicago Dance Reviews highly recommends the show as an evening that viewers will find thoughtful and enlightening with beautiful dance artistry to enjoy. Show goers who also enjoy works from artists from different cultures will love the visual display put on by the various Asian dancers.

The show is free to attend and is one night only. Contact Chicago Dance Reviews for more information or visit the link below for tickets:

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